The Jaden-168/ Jadens-268 is not a wireless printer, you should connect the printer via a USB cable. Meanwhile, it is not working with wifi, nor Bluetooth, therefore, it is not compatible with mobile phones (IOS & Android). It needs to be plugged into a Mac or a Windows computer via a USB cable. Check this link to purchase a wireless version of Jadens label printer


The Jaden-168BT/ Jadens-268BT/Jadens-468BT/Jadens- 328BT  is a wireless printer   (Macbooks only supports connection via USB cord now,Windows supports Bluetooth connection and USB connection),  you can connect the printer to windows and  mobile phone (IOS & Android)  via Bluetooth without a USB cable. Macbook please use USB connection. Click this link to purchase Jadens168BT/Jadens268BT/Jadens-468BT/Jadens- 328BT.