For Windows users, if you do not have Adobe Reader software to edit your label, we recommend you copy this link ( )download Beeprt Bartender PDF editing software. 

Please note, please install the Beeprt Driver for your Windows PC to match Bartender label editing software. Please copy this link ( to download and install the driver. 

Please note, If you already installed the driver from U-Disk or the website, please remove the driver first and then install Beeprt Driver. Please refer to the last part in the user manual to learn how to uninstall the old driver.

Please follow these steps to edit or create your label via Beeprt Bartender software.

1. Open Beeprt Bartender, Blank Template> Next

2. Specify Custom Settings> Next

3.    Single Item per page> Next

4. Yes, It does have some unused material on the sides> Next

5. Round Rectangle ( or rectangle) > Nexxt

6.  Width>4, Height>6, Next ( Based on your needs to change value)

7. Next

8. You will get this page, click FInish

9. Open( the second option)

10. File Type: All Files

Then choose the label you want to print

11. Move the green rectangular to fit the 4*6 label, then click Print( The fifth option)

12. Print