Solution A: Open from Jadens Printer ( save your label to some folders)

1.Download ‘Jadens Printer’App from Google play

2.Open App ‘Jadens Printer’ 

3. Connect Printer Bluetooth

4. If you want to print the label, please click "File printing"

5. Click “file icon”, then choose the label you want to print

(The premise is that you have saved the label in the phone File) 



6. The label you selected will appear here, click on the label to print.

7. Crop the label and rotate the label to fit 4*6

8. Click the print button in the upper right corner

9. Adjust print properties

10 Tap the Printer Icon and you will get the label



Solution B: Open from your label

1.Select and open your label (pdf File) from any platform,  like Messagers

2. Click “Download” the label

3.Open your label (find it from where you save, normally it is in files App)

4.Select Open with “Shipping Printer” and “Always”

5.Crop or rotate your label so that the label is 

6.portrait (try rotate right and rotate left to make sure which works)

7.Tap the arrow in the upper right corner

8.Tap the printer icon in the upper right corner

9.Tap Enable Bluetooth on (if ask access to your location, please select “Allow”)

10.Click BY-245BT_47FE or JD-168BT_XXXX or JD-268BT_XXXX  or 

JD-468BT_XXXX or JD-328BT_XXXX    from Discovered devices

11.Tap the printer icon in the upper right corner and you will get the label