The Jadens Label Printer prints exactly what you see by print preview on the screen, if your printed label looks sideways or has a lot of white space on the label, the most likely reason would be that the label is not properly formatted for 4x6 inches before printing out. You may need to adjust the settings before printing.


The default page size selected for Jadens is 4x6 inches (102mm*105mm). If you are not sure about the formats, try to print this Sample Label and see if the issue persists.  If the sample label does not print out okay, which would rarely happen, please check your initial setup or contact Jadens customer service about your situation. 


1. If the sample label prints out fine, meaning your printer, computer, driver, or labels are working properly, then please check the following: 


     a. Check if your shipping platform can provide 4x6 inches in the correct orientation. Please select the right format (4x6 inches) to print. 


     b. It is possible that your label is designed for regular printers (8.5 x 11 size). please check the article in the How-To section about How to crop a full size 8.5" x 11" page to a 4" x 6" label?


2. If your label is 4’’ x 6’’, but just comes out sideways or too small, like the following example, you can set up to change the orientation amount Auto, Portrait, and Landscape before printing.