Cause: The resolution of the label file you printed is too low


1. Please print the PDF file but not the picture. (most common reason)

    Printed PDFs are better quality than photos. If you must use photos, you should use high-quality images.

2. Print density and speed. (most common reason)

  Within your printer preferences, you can set your "Density" and "Speed". You can change the density to a larger number, it will help. Please check the article in the How-Tos section about how to adjust density and speed. 

for windows, 8-12 is recommended; 

for mac 8-14 is recommended

for mobile devices, 6-8 is recommended

3. Page size

    Please make sure the label you print is 4*6 inches in size

    If your label is full size (8.5*11), please crop your label using "Take a snapshot" in Adobe Reader. Please check the article in the How-Tos section about  how to crop a 4*6 size page


 Please make ensure the content takes up the whole label. If there are extra borders, your design may be shrunk printed in a smaller size resulting in fade content.

5. Dust or adhesive on the printer head. 

  Please try to clean the printer head with a clean cloth or alcohol.