There are three main reasons:


1. If you change your label type or size. In this case, Jadens Label Printer does not learn your label, this is the most common reason.


please run the automatic label identification again. (

To make sure your computer is not sending print commands to the printer, disconnect the USB cable from your printer, then simply press and hold the top circular button until you hear one beep, then your printer will load two labels.

Restart your computer, and please re-connect the USB cable to print and try your print.

Please check the video for more details

2. Your operating system is sending a longer / shorter label to Jadens Printer


Please ensure you have the correct label size:

  • For Windows
    Go to the Control Panel -> Devices and Printers -> Right Click on Label printer -> Printer Preferences -> Page Setting.
    Select 4 x 6 labels
  • For Mac          

          Go to Print setup-> select4" x 6" size in the print prompt window


3. Another reason is the sensor that detects the paper is affected by dust, if so, please clean the sensor with the alcohol swap or clean cloth.