1. For Window ((Click this link to watch a video on how to set Speed and Density on Windows)


    To make the label more clear, you can follow these steps:

  •  Go to “setting” - >”device”- >“printer & scanner”-  >find the printer “Label Printer”
  • Click “manage” - > “Printing preference” - >“Page Setup” - >adjust the Density and Speed as the picture shows -> then click “OK”

For Windows PC, suggest setting it at 8-11.

2. For Mac ((Click this link to watch a video on how to set speed and density on Mac))

  •    Open your PDF file - click the printer icon in the top left corner - ”Printer...”

  •    Click the select key on the right “Layout”- “Printer Features”

  •    Adjust the Darkness you want(For Mac, suggest setting it at 4-6.), the higher density value means higher darkness, then click Print.

After finishing setting, please print the self-test paper. Long press and hold on the top circular button,first, you will hear one beep noise, then two beep noises (Please be careful do not let go when you hear the first beep.), and then release your finger, the printer will automatically print a test page

For Windows:

For Mac