This is the correct operation about how to calibrate the label automatically.

Important tips:

1. Please note that the side for peeling is always up.

2. Any time you change the labels, please do remember to run the automatic self-study procedure. Otherwise, the labels will not be printed properly.


For the first use, for Jadens-268/268BT/468BT/328BT, please insert the label from the back of the machine without opening the cover

for Jadens -168/168BT, please put the roll label in or insert the fan-fold label from outside, keep the label inserted straightly, smoothly and fully, adjust the paper guide and close the lid.


The label will automatically move forth and back after identification, the label will stop, and no label will be wasted. 


  • Turn on the power, wait for 5 seconds, until the printer is initialized.
  • Press and hold the top feeder button for 5 seconds until you hear one beep, then let go, the label will move back and forth and stop at the correct tear-off point. After this, you can start printing your labels.

Label automatic calibration for JD268/JD268BT